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Ten Square Foot – new work in development

New work in development by Tony Yap with long-term music/sound collaborators Madeleine Flynn and Tim Humphrey, outside eye Robert Meldrum, and new collaborator, lighting designer Jennifer Hector.

Ten Square Foot derives from the Japanese Hōjōki (1212), meaning“square-record’ , translated as The Ten Foot Square Hut. It depicts the concept of impermanence. Its opening sentence says:

‘The current of the flowing river does not cease, and yet the water is not the same water as before … So, too, it is with the people and dwellings of the world.’


Ten Square Foot will consist of the concepts of trance possession, verticality, luminosity and performativity.

We plan to create a potent, distilled trio of disciplines – body, sound, light – to be performed live by Yap, Flynn, Humphrey and Hector.




ZeroZero creative development underway

Yumi Umiumare, Tony Yap and Matthew Gingold are undertaking creative development in Melbourne this week and next for ZeroZero. In the studio with Matt’s Kinect motion sensor, a couple of projectors, a moving light and plenty of computers, they are experimenting with how interactive media, light and sound can come into this work. Some images to come!