Part live performance, part undercover surveillance operation, Earshot is driven by theatre-maker Kate Hunter’s lifetime obsession of eavesdropping on the private conversations of complete strangers. Overheard stories gathered from the general public are combined with voice-activated text projection to offer a fly-on-the- wall insight into the lives of others: personal, epic, comic and sometimes devastating. Working closely with electroacoustic musician Jem Savage and performer/composer Josephine Lange, Kate uses analog objects and digital technology to craft a celebration of the Australian vernacular.

PopUp Tearoom Series

By Yumi Umiumare
Tea ceremonies, installation and dance performance
The PopUp Tearoom Series is a 1-5 hour performance installation. Audiences are invited to come and go throughout the session. Pop up performances in Yumi’s unique fusion of Butoh, physical theatre and spoken word alternate with serving tea to audience through the traditional and contemporary tea ceremonies.

Dionysus Molecule

Dionysus Molecule is a powerful new work that sees Tony Yap and Brendan O’Connor, dancers, joined by acclaimed Sydney-based visual artist Khaled Sabsabi, creative collaborator Robert Meldrum, and composer Tim Humphrey. Dionysus Molecule parallels ancient Greek mythology and theatre traditions with the mediumship in Asian trance practices. It premiered in August 2015.


By Tony Yap Company (Melbourne, Australia) & Surya Kencana (Yogyakarta, Indonesia). Kesupen is a process of transformation: to forget something, in order to see something new. Kesupen is part dance, part song cycle, framed by contemporary music, and visual installation.


[Gu:t] is a new contemporary dance work. It explores notions of ritual and the dualities of yin-yang, life-death, and saltwater-freshwater. A duet for Soo Yeun and Albert David, [Gu:t] draws on their Korean and Torres Strait Island heritage.

kekkai: beyond fixed boundaries

kekkai: beyond fixed boundaries is a new work by long-term collaborators Tony Yap Company – Tony Yap, Madeleine Flynn and Tim Humphrey, and Naomi Ota – and Theatre Nottle. ‘kekkai’ explores a Japanese concept meaning ‘tied or bounded worlds’.
This interdisciplinary work portrays a series of shifting images and interactions evoking themes of relationship, boundaries, trust and protection. It utilises a distilled, integrated palette of dance and physical performance, text, live and recorded music and soundscape, and visual installation.

Zero Zero

Zero Zero is a new work by two of Australia’s foremost physical performers, Tony Yap and Yumi Umiumare, and media and sound artist Matthew Gingold.

Zero Zero explores the liminal spaces between the visible and the invisible.
The work charts the choreographic landscape formed at the intersection of physical, cultural, spiritual and technological boundaries.From the immediacy and simplicity of the human body lit by candles and incense, to the use of the latest technology, Zero Zero transports the viewer with its immersive environment and evocative, trance-like physical explorations.

Rasa Sayang

‘…demonstrated how dance can be as powerful a medium of raw feeling as narrative-based theatre’ – The Sunday Age.
Rasa Sayang is a new interdisciplinary performance work, part of a series of productions developed by long term collaborators director/dancer Tony Yap, musicians/composers Tim Humphrey and Madeleine Flynn, and visual artist Naomi Ota, joined for this work by Ben Rogan as creative collaborator and Niklas Pajanti as lighting designer.


Reliquary: a shrine to keep sacred relics which have survived destruction.
Reliquary draws upon the connections between Australian Indigenous and Korean spirituality to create a unique contemporary dance theatre piece using puppetry, media projection and aesthetic sound design.

Eulogy for the Living

Eulogy for the Living # 2 was a multi-media performance spectacle produced by Kath for Tony Yap Company, integrating the work of fourteen artists into a unifying thematic tapestry. Eulogy for the Living is a series of performances that has also been presented in St Paul’s Church, Melaka, for the Melaka Arts and Performance Festival.
This Australian premiere in March 2011 was shaped for the spaces of the monumental and iconic Ballarat Mining Exchange.

Intimate Exposure

Kath was creative producer for Intimate Exposure, a curated dance and dance film event, presented in partnership with The Substation in September-October 2010, during Melbourne Fringe. In response to the theme/title and The Substation’s atmospheric gallery spaces, Carlee Mellow created a trio work – ‘Simmer’ – for dancers Sara Black, Paula Lay and Madeleine Krenek; Jade Dewi Tyas Tunggal, Amelia McQueen and Bilwa Costa (USA) created a suite of interlinked solo and duo works – ‘Soft Targets’.

A diverse aesthetic and the role of the producer

In May 2010 Kath presented a paper at the Diversity in the Arts: Theory + Action forum as part of The National Multicultural Arts Symposium 2010. The paper is a distillation of her concept of ‘aesthetic diversity’ – diversity of form, content and diversity, the role of culturally diverse artists in pushing dance forward, and ways in which producers can support these artists in their work.