Eulogy for the Living

  • Past


Eulogy for the Living # 2 was a multi-media performance spectacle produced by Kath for Tony Yap Company, integrating the work of fourteen artists into a unifying thematic tapestry. Eulogy for the Living is a series of performances that has also been presented in St Paul’s Church, Melaka, for the Melaka Arts and Performance Festival. This Australian premiere in March 2011 was shaped for the spaces of the monumental and iconic Ballarat Mining Exchange. The notion of a living eulogy is inspired by the little wooden tablets in the Cheng Hoon Teng temple (15th century Chinese Temple, Melaka), attached with photos commemorating loved ones who have passed on.


  • Creative director/performer: Tony Yap
  • Creative collaborator/performer: Yumi Umiumare
  • Performers from TYC’s Melbourne Filament
  • Media artist and live sound: Matthew Gingold
  • Fabric installation/ Costumes: Pia Interlandi
  • Recorded Sound and music: Gus Macmillan
  • Lighting and production: Dori Dragon Bicchierai
  • Producer: Kath Papas


Tony Yap Company

Multicultural Arts Victoria


Eulogy Media Release

Eulogy Flyer


Photos by Devika Bilmoria.

Video by Cobie Orger.