PopUp Tearoom Series

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PopUp Tearoom will be showcased at the Australian Performing Arts Market | Friday 23rd February, 2-4pm. Visit our page on the APAM website for the latest details.

By Yumi Umiumare

Tea ceremonies, installation and dance performance

The PopUp Tearoom Series is a 1-5 hour performance installation. Audiences are invited to come and go throughout the session. Pop up performances in Yumi’s unique fusion of Butoh, physical theatre and spoken word alternate with serving tea to audience through the traditional and contemporary tea ceremonies. PopUp Tearoom draws inspiration from two key aspects of traditional Japanese tearooms and tea ceremony, being ‘Su’ (bare) and ‘Ma’ (active pause).

The traditional Japanese tea-ceremony room has a small door under which people have to bow to enter and exit. This symbolises the fact that all people are born from, and return to, the same place, and inside the room, all were equal. Even samurai of the medieval period had to leave their sword behind to participate in the ceremony, stripping back the experience to the bare essence of being and soul. As long ago as the 16th century, tearooms were created in war zones, with the tea ceremony functioning to relieve emotional stress and restore social order. The deep sense of presence and silence afforded by the Tearoom offers participants time to pause and reflect.

The PopUp Tearoom is adaptable in its setting and duration; it can be performed in indoor or outdoor space, and can include local performers and visual art installation. For full details and technical specifications, download our PDF here.



Photo by Vikk Shayen