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Reliquary: a shrine to keep sacred relics which have survived destruction.

Reliquary draws upon the connections between Australian Indigenous and Korean spirituality to create a unique contemporary dance theatre piece using puppetry, media projection and aesthetic sound design.

Reliquary brings together two unique choreographic talents in Korean Australian Soo Yeun You and Indigenous Australian Gina Rings, a Kakutha woman and former member of Bangarra Dance Theatre. They have collaborated with accomplished designer and puppeteer Hamish Fletcher, innovative sonic artist and sound designer Philippe Pasquier, and a talented cast of Indigenous and Asian dancers including the acclaimed Albert David, also a former Bangarra member.

Research into the project took the choreographers to central Australia where they worked with local Indigenous people to record Indigenous songs, languages and landscape sounds.

Reliquary borrows from Indigenous and Asian dance to develop a contemporary dance piece rich in spirituality and tradition. The project embodies cultural and racial exchange, understanding, and the hope of finding heritage and identity in an increasingly homogenised world.

‘Reliquary is rich in atmosphere, with strong contributions from the collaborating artists’.

The Age, 2011

‘… cohesive and magical… unprecedented and important… a work that while accessible and beautiful, is also challenging in that it triggers consideration of subject matter as large and crucial as the purpose of human existence and identity.’

Theatre People, 2011

First seen at The Dreaming Festival, Queensland in 2009, and Dancehouse,  Melbourne in 2011, Reliquary is now available for touring.

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